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Khadija is practising as a sole practitioner, and she can take on your case when your solicitor instructs her to give you advice or to represent you in court.


Khadija may be directly contacted by solicitors who are seeking advise and representation for their clients or she may be instructed from 3 Bolt Court Chambers.


To contact Khadija, call 07961 073738 or email her at


Khadija is a door tenant at 3 Bolt Court Chambers. Mr Eustace Forjour, the Senior Clerk / Practice Manager manages her practise from these chambers. 3 Bolt Court Chambers is based at 30 Ely Place. London, EC1N 6TD.


To contact Mr Eustace Forjour, the Senior Clerk / Practice Manager, at 3 Bolt Court Chambers, please call on  07783 904 770 / 020 3745 3150 or 07392 526 710 or email


Khadija’s aim is to give all clients a good service at all times. However if you have a complaint, please find out How you Can Complain, and let Khadija know as soon as possible. 













Updated: 8 October 2023

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