Khadija works with HJT Training to deliver in-house training to solicitors and legal advisers in immigration law.


At HJT Training we always relish the opportunity to interact with our clients which is why, when and where possible, training face to face is our preferred delivery method. However, if clients aren't able to access HJT's public courses we can happily bring our training to them.


In-house training can be a reliable, cost-effective and convenient alternative to public courses allowing access to high quality training that is tailored specifically to you and your colleagues. In fact the biggest advantage of in-house training is that it facilitates learning on your terms. Clients are consulted on preferred content, format, and method of presentation, prior to course development, and have final approval on the product so that each in-house course is delivered as bespoke.


The price conscious need not steer clear as in-house training often presents a cost saving. In fact if you have as few as 6 or more staff that requires training, then HJT would almost certainly be able to save you money by delivering your choice of training in-house rather than offering you places on their public courses. However, HJT would always advise you of your cheapest option and leave the decision to you.


HJT are experienced in delivering a full range of in-house training contracts from individual workshops or seminars to extended programmes over several days, months or years. All HJT training is accredited so that those following CPD schemes can claim their hours.


HJT trainers have delivered in-house training courses in locations across the UK from Dover to Glasgow, Cardiff to Manchester. Wherever you are within the UK HJT are happy to travel to you for your convenience.


The flexibility of HJT service means that, with their recommendations, you can have what you want, where you want, when you want, so you as our client maintain control over the training you receive.


Updated: 8 October 2023

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